Your Website is Not Secured

Google Chrome Browser Making a Bigger change to secure internet in the world

Google Rolled out a new update to its Chrome browser in July 2018 it’s going to be another revolution in the Internet History.

Let’s see how it will impact on your Website.

  • Google going to mark Not Secure  before your websites URL if your website is not configured to use SSL Service.
  • It will impact your website visitor’s experience, as they will assume your site is not secured.
  • It will impact google ranking too as your website is not following their standards.
  • To Avoid You can simply Buy SSL Services and get it configured from us.

What are Benefits to shift from Not Secured site to Secured Site?

  • Increase Google Ranking
  • Improved Security
  • A browser will show its secured site
  • It will build trust so sell will be increased.

How to Check whether your website complies with these rules or not?

Browse your website in Chrome browser if it shows   Then you must take SSL Services and if it shows then no worries your website is already fulfilling required criteria.

Still confused about these technicalities? no worries our team will help you to get it done for you.

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